Leadership Basic Course – Class 13

Through the PBL (Project Based Learning), final submissions have been received from all 22 groups, and 4 groups were chosen from these groups.
These 4 groups gave their presentations on Monday, July 11, during Class 13 of the “Leadership Basic Course,” and Mr. Sugita congratulated the students for their efforts and achievements.
The presentations shared not only their perspectives and thoughts on the project but also the process of how they approached the work, allowing each of them to reflect on their leadership in PBL and deepen their learning.

Prof. Tamura gave an overall review of this semester’s Leadership Basic Course, and students were able to get a comprehensive overview of how the subjects they have studied, Leadership Theory, Coaching, Dialogue Studies, and Negotiation Studies, are related to each other.
Lastly, Prof. Tamura mentioned that “I hope the meaning of ‘leader’ in ‘Purpose of Keio University – The Leader of the Entire Society’ advocated by Yukichi Fukuzawa may refer to what we now call ‘leadership,’ and I hope that all the students will become leaders in society. He concluded the class by saying, “I hope that all the participants will become leaders in society.”
We hope that you will continue your learning and connections which you made through the Leadership Basic Course.
Thank you for your hard work, Good luck!