Class 1 “Conversation with the Leader” – President Ito

The first class on the “Conversation with the Leader” was held on Monday, April 18, from 6:00 p.m. in Room J11 on the Hiyoshi Campus.

The first guest was President Kohei Ito.

The discussion was much longer than the originally scheduled 60 minutes, and the class was filled with excitement.

From the beginning, he emphasized “dialogue” with the students and carefully answered questions from various angles and perspectives.

President Ito especially emphasized that he wanted the students to play an active role as “leaders of the entire society”.

【Student’s Voice】
I had a very valuable opportunity to have a direct dialogue with President Ito, and it was a very fulfilling experience for me.

His frank and positive manner further broadened my image of ideal leadership.
(Third-year student, Department of Law, Faculty of Law)