Education to develop not an individual leader
but leadership for everyone is the goal of
"Leadership Basics."

The world is filled with the words "leader" and "leadership."

However, there has been no in-depth research on how to define them and what kind of specific education would result in learning, and only the words are being used by themselves.

”Leader" often indicates a higher position and is often associated with "authority."

On the other hand, "leadership" is an ability required of everyone by all organizations and societies.

Aiming to develop this "leadership," the Center researches and educates the "basic skills" of leadership using the latest expetise from around the world.

Instead of creating the positions of "leader," the Center aims to produce as many people as possible who possess "leadership."

What are Basic Leadership Skills?

Professor Tamura is committed to researching and disseminating the basic skills he believes in and hopes that many people will understand authentic leadership and demonstrate their abilities.