Class 2 – “Conversation with the Leader” Project Professor Noriko Endo

The second class on the “Conversation with the Leader” was held on Monday, May 9, from 6:00 p.m. in Room J11 on the Hiyoshi Campus.

The guest speaker was Professor Noriko Endo, an expert on energy policy and an outside director of various companies.
She spoke for about 20 minutes at the beginning of the session on Japan’s energy policy under the title of “Public Policy and Leadership”.

In the “dialogue” with the students that followed, Professor Endo responded to questions from the audience with broad explanations, including her own views, and taught the students the importance of having a bird’s-eye viewpoint.
We were also impressed by the fact that she repeatedly mentioned that there is no universal energy source that is environmentally friendly and does not require any cost.

【Student’s Voice】
I was able to recognize that issues related to energy and climate change are complex problems that are deeply related to the economy, science and technology, and international affairs, and that they need to be discussed from a variety of perspectives.

I also felt that leadership and coaching skills are important to come up with effective measures.
(First-year student, Faculty of Science and Technology)