“Leadership Research in the World” No. 9 is announced.

The Keio Leadership Center introduces cutting-edge leadership research being conducted around the world.

The content of this report covers a wide range of topics, including global research trends, controversial issues, and the latest theories, with the aim of providing society with a broad range of perspectives.

We regularly publish the research report as “The Forefront of Leadership Research in the World”, so we hope you will read it. (

The ninth issue of the report was recently published (Please access from the above link).
This report features a conversation between Professor Ronald Heifetz of the Harvard Kennedy School and Bruce Allyn, Senior Fellow in Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation, on the Ukraine issue and leadership.

Professor Heifetz is well known for his unique leadership education research, and elements of his theories have been incorporated into the curriculum of Keio University’s “Leadership Basic Course”.

His book, “The Practice of Adaptive Leadership” was also a reading assignment for this course.

Mr. Allen is also an expert on U.S.-Russia (U.S.-Soviet) negotiations and played a key role in the Cuban Missile Crisis, which came one step closer to the outbreak of World War III.

We hope you will read it.