Leadership Basic Course – Class 10

The theme for Class 10 (June 20) was “Leadership Theory”.

We discussed examples of different leadership skills of each group member while climbing a mountain with their peers.

Although the word “leadership” may conjure up strong images of control, participants realized that there are many different forms of leadership.

In the following lecture, the concepts of “hierarchical leadership” and “systemic leadership” were explained, and through discussion, we learned about the characteristics of each type of leadership.
The class provided hints for thinking about what type of leadership they should exercise in the future.
In the next session, we will deepen today’s content.

With only about a week left for the final submission of the PBL (Project Based Learning) project, Mr. Sugita advised on how students should tackle the last spurt of the project.

Also, Mr. Furuyama, TA with a full-time job, talked about the Fukuzawa Yukichi Bunmei Juku, which Mr. Tamura opened ten years ago as a 150th-anniversary commemorative project.
It was an interesting talk based on actual experiences of how students from various backgrounds worked together on projects at the Bunmei Juku, despite their different circumstances.

Afterward, each group seemed to step up a gear in their group work, and the discussions became more lively and heated.
The next meeting will be the final adjustment time, as only a few days are left before the final submission.