Monday, October 10 – Negotiation Studies: “Introduction to Leadership” – Mita Campus

Introduction to Leadership

For the first time, groups were formed and began with a self-introduction session.After group discussions, several groups presented their conclusions, and Professor Tamura gave feedback, after which the lecture began.In the following group work, the participants read a conversation among five climbers and asked themselves who the leader was. Who has leadership? The questions were posed: Who is a leader?

The students must have gained new insights into issues they do not usually have the opportunity to think about, such as the difference between leaders and leadership and the human resources that will be in demand in the future.

Afterward, in the PBL (Project Based Learning) session, the participants shared the themes they would like to work on this semester and had time for in-depth discussions among the group members.Even though they each had different areas of interest, they showed interest in each other and deepened their understanding of each other through their interactions.

A Conversation with a Leader” – Kazuma Sugita, Professor, Sanno University

We had a broad and deep discussion, backed by his own diverse experiences, about the challenges facing private universities today and the efforts being made to address them, as well as the efforts that Professor Sugita is making as a management consultant to revitalize local communities and make administration more attractive.