Monday, October 3 – Negotiation Studies: Class 1 – First Orientation – Mita Campus


The first orientation was conducted by Professor Jiro Tamura and Mr. Kazuma Sugita.

Professor Tamura lectured on the significance of studying negotiation studies, the importance of liberal arts to deepen learning through dialogue, and the relationship between Yukichi Fukuzawa and leadership. The lecture’s content, which emphasized that anyone can acquire various skills through academic study, which are often thought to be dependent on personal qualities and experience, may have deepened the participants’ motivation for future research.

Mr. Sugita gave an overview of PBL (Project Based Learning). This program aims to cultivate the actual ability of each student by taking what they have learned through lectures and putting it into practice through PBL.

After that, a self-introduction session was held as group work. Despite being the first time, the class was very lively and enthusiastic.

“Conversation with Leaders” – Mr. Noritaka Okabe (President of JPYC) and Mr. Taisuke Horitsugu (Manager of Kyber Network Japan)

After the lecture, we invited two leaders who are at the forefront of businesses using Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Mr. Noritaka Okabe (President of JPYC) and Mr. Taisuke Horitsugu (Kyber Network Japan Manager), to speak with us in a webinar format.The event was a meaningful time, with some students learning about the concept of DeFi for the first time and others gaining an awareness of the issues raised by the lecture.