Monday, October 17- Negotiation Studies “Introduction to Leadership II” – Mita Campus

Separating oneself and one’s role

In this class, after the self-introduction session, participants thought about the questions of who they are and what values they hold and worked to communicate them within their groups.The discussion was enlivened when the participants could share their core values by dividing into groups based on what they currently want to work on in this term’s PBL (Project Based Learning), which is to “propose what you would like to accomplish.”In the lecture after the exercise, Professor Tamura concluded by saying that it is essential to be able to show what kind of person “I” am to go out into the world.

During the last hour of the class, each group shared their own PBL concepts at the current stage. The group members, who shared common interests in the same field, were more active in exchanging opinions than ever before.The group members, who share common interests in the same field, exchanged opinions more actively than ever.Based on this group dialogue, students will submit assignments this week, and the final PBL group will be determined based on these assignments.

A Conversation with a Leader – Norihiko Ishihara, CEO and President of VLC Holdings

We were pleased to have Mr. Norihiko Ishihara, a graduate of the Jiro Tamura’s seminar, who is currently involved in several companies, including as CEO and President of VLC Holdings.After explaining his career to date and the projects he is currently involved in, he discussed with the students.It was impressive to see how he spoke frankly to questions from the students, sometimes as a business manager and sometimes as a senior student at the university.The students must have learned a great deal from the many stories he shared based on his wide range of experiences.