Monday, October 31 Negotiation Studies – Class 5 “PBL’s Team Building” – Mita Campus

Project Based Learning in Full Swing

Groups were reorganized based on the direction of Project Based Learning (PBL) that each group had been considering, and began with a self-introduction session.This semester, the rest of the classes will be conducted by these groups.

Mr. Sugita gave a lecture on the attitude required to engage in full-fledged PBL moving forward.After that, all the members of the group held a large loop of string and worked together to create a shape as instructed. Through this work, the students were able to realize the importance of gestures and facial expressions in conveying information, which was taught in the lecture.This was the first time that all students stood up in the class, and the work was very exciting.After that, the participants spent about 30 minutes sharing their PBL ideas and discussing what themes they would take up as a group and how they would formulate their ideas.Finally, each group will start working toward the presentation at the end of the semester.

Interview with Leader – Tamao Sasada (Representative of Bank of America in Japan, President and Representative Director of BofA Securities, Inc.)

We are pleased to have Ms. Tamao Sasada, Bank of America’s representative in Japan, visit us.Ms. Sasada gave an overview of Bank of America and her own personal initiatives, followed by a discussion (Q&A) between Ms. Sasada and the students.The students asked many questions that focused on global business and Ms. Sasada’s career to date, and this was a valuable opportunity to broaden their perspectives.

After the general discussion, Ms. Sasada continued for another hour to answer individual questions from the students and to offer advice for the future.