Monday, July 10 Negotiation Studies – Class 13 “WILL Presentation & Summary ” – Mita Campus

Today’s lecture flow

▼Professor Sugita- (Presentation) Public speeches on WILL by 8 representatives
▼TA Koyama / Professor Tamura – (Summary) Message to students & Negotiation and Dialogue Skills in the Cuban Crisis

In the last class of the semester, the eight representatives shared their speeches on their own WILL with the whole class.地Many students seemed to empathize with the themes of regional development, nursing care issues, refugee issues, and all expressed in their own words.There was also a speech on the theme of Keio University’s pen mark, “The pen is stronger than the sword,” which provided a glimpse of the enlightenment from the “Conversation with Leaders” with President Ito.

Afterwards, Mr. Koyama gave a summary of the semester.Professor Tamura spoke about the dialogue within the Kennedy administration during the Cuban Missile Crisis, which is said to have been historically the most effective demonstration of negotiating and dialogue skills, and about the practice of tenacious negotiations with the Soviet Union.

We hope that the students will repeatedly digest the many lessons learned here and work toward the realization of their own dreams.

Learning of the students – Extracts from the reflection sheets submitted after the lectures

● Third-year student in the Department of Law, Faculty of Political Science

At the beginning of the spring semester, I had not found my WILL (it was vague).However, I am happy to say that I am now able to verbalize it after four months.In today’s class, by listening to other students’ WILL presentations, I got hints to further refine my WILL.What I felt through the speeches was that the clearer the background of the WILL, the more I empathize with it and want to support it.内Whether the content was a small personal matter or a big social issue, I was inspired by the strength of the person’s ambition and his/her willingness to spread it, depending on how they conveyed the passion and spectacle in their speech.I look back on the fact that my WILL at the time I submitted the video was still in my personal life and had not yet become something that could involve anyone else.I would like to build on my current WILL, expand it more strongly in various directions, and improve myself so that I can be active like a “serial specialist”.

●  Third-year student in the Department of Law, Faculty of Law

Each of the eight speakers tried to address the social issues that have become hot topics in recent years from a variety of perspectives from their original backgrounds.Some of them had a solid foundation of “CAN,” and some of them had an image of “WILL.All of the speeches were excellent, and I received good inspiration from them.I would like to learn from their techniques of conveying their thoughts to people in a wide range of ways, such as story-type speeches and emotional speeches.

I felt that what Professor Sugita said, “Don’t be in a hurry,” was a great advice to those who are struggling with reality and the direction of their wills.I also want to cherish the ” youth mindset” of challenging and adventuring by thinking in a positive direction.While many people are swallowed up by common sense and give up on what they want to do and their dreams, I felt that I want to realize my WILL with the determination to go against it and the strength to carry it through.