Leadership Basic Course – Class 6

On Monday, May 16, the sixth “Leadership Basic Course” was held.

The theme of this year’s class was “Dialogue Skills”.

After a lecture by Professor Tamura, we each read a case based on a fable and had a group discussion.

We practically learned the technique of ‘dialogue’ – how to listen to others’ opinions in the midst of various conflicting opinions and how to lead them to a solution to the problem that everyone can agree on.
This was a time to realize the difficulty and importance of this process.

In the next session, we will deepen our learning through more practical cases.

In PBL (Project Based Learning), Mr. Koyama, TA with full-time job, took the stage to talk about the group dynamics he learned at an overseas business school.
The speech included some very interesting experiences, such as group work in the snowy mountains that he worked on with his international classmates, and case discussions in groups that were held all night long.

This Friday will mark the midterm report.

Each group has been hard at work preparing for the event, and the discussions have been enthusiastic.
Next time, we will receive feedback from the Professors on the interim report and further brush up for the final report.