Leadership Basic Course – Class 11

June 27 (Mon) – Leadership Basic Course, Class 11,
Participants practically learned the importance of the process of creating many options (diffusion) and leading to decision-making (convergence) through discussions based on cases arranged from actual complex examples.

The level of each participant’s dialogue skills had clearly improved through their learning and experience, and the discussions were more heated than ever before.

In the next final session, we will wrap up the learning to make sure it is solidified.

In the PBL (Project Based Learning) session, Mr. Kobayashi, TA with a full-time job, gave a valuable talk on how leadership should be exercised based on his own experience of running a company.

Finally, with only a few days left until the final submission (June 29), it was time for the final push by each group.

After the final submission, the teachers will conduct a review, and the selected groups will give a full report in class on July 11.