Monday, November 7 Negotiation Studies – Class 5 “Dialogue Studies II” – Mita Campus

Thinking from the Stakeholder’s Perspective

This time, similar to the previous session, we minimized the amount of lecture time required and deepened our learning through group-based exercises in interactive skills.

In the first exercise, students worked on a case study of creating new rules for an international sporting event.Students engaged in a dialogue to reach a conclusion, taking into account their own aims and backgrounds as negotiating representatives of their respective countries, such as Japan and France.

In the second exercise, students learned from a case study of a corporate scandal in which a potentially problematic matter was uncovered from a food safety perspective.Stakeholders were identified, and the participants discussed what measures should be taken and how information should be disseminated to each of them.

All of the work required multiple perspectives and required gathering and communicating opinions from many different sides, and the participants must have realized the importance of bringing all possible options to the table for discussion.

A Conversation with a Leader – Hiroki Sato, Senior Management Executive Officer & Division CEO, Global Business Division, Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.

For this edition of “A Conversation with a Leader,” we welcomed Mr. Hiroki Sato,Senior Management Executive Officer & Division CEO, Global Business Division, Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.Students asked many questions about the hot issue of energy, such as how to supply energy in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and how renewable energy and nuclear power should be handled to realize a decarbonized society.Professor Tamura also asked what Mr. Sato would do about Japan’s energy policy if he were prime minister, and the students found the discussion very thought-provoking as they considered the future of Japanese society and global affairs.