Announcing the release of “Introduction to Leadership Basics”.

Professor Jiro Tamura’s new book

Professor Jiro Tamura, Director of our Leadership Center, has published a book on what he has been developing in the “Leadership Basics” education.Please take a look.

Jiro Tamura, “Introduction to Leadership Basics: Train Your Listening, Dialogue, Negotiation, and Persuasion Skills! (Tokyo Shoseki, 2023)

You can also view “Leadership Basics” as a university lecture in the “Education” section of this website.


As we can see from corporate scandals and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, organizations led by leaders with weak leadership fundamentals bring more or less chaos to society.

In order to solve complex problems in chaotic times, not only leaders but also each and every one of the people who make up an organization must have the ability to involve others and deal with them in a collaborative manner.

From the perspective that “leadership can be learned by learning,” this book explains in an easy-to-understand manner through specific examples on, what is an essence, why it is necessary, and how it can be acquired.

Message from Professor Jiro Tamura

This book summarizes the essence of research and education on basic leadership skills accumulated through lectures on “Negotiation Studies” and “Leadership Basics” at Keio University and the “Fukuzawa Yukichi Bunmei Juku,” which was undertaken as a 150th anniversary commemorative project.

Leadership is not just a trait that one is born with or experienced with; it is something that anyone can learn and continue to improve.

We hope you will learn from this book and acquire true basic leadership skills.